If you connect with my work and feel we would be a good match, I'd love to be your photographer! Get in touch via the contact form below or email directly at info@alexmartphoto.com Tell me about the two of you and the vision you have for your wedding. I will check availability on your date and get back to you asap.

info@alexmartphoto.com ,
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My name is Alex and most of all I like to take photos for smiling people, people in action, catch their emotions and moments that exist at once and can’t be repeated. My father was a photographer so photography is my passion from childhood. I’ve been working as a professional wedding photographer for 6 years. I like it when people feel comfortable while we are taking photos. It is the only way to get the best result. Do you think so too?  That’s why it is a good idea to drink a cup of coffee in the nearest cafe with a couple before making photoshoot. Can’t live without mountains, guitar, and my sweetheart. I enjoy speaking with new people, especially if they are in love, especially if they enjoy to travel, cause I like visiting new places too. I have a dream to write a book about love and destiny as good as Cloud Atlas. I always worry if someone forgets the words on a stage. I hate to say goodbye to someone good  I’ll never meet. I think that the main thing to be a human is, to tell the truth – to yourself and to each other. Indie and rock music for me is amazing.
my WhatsApp number is: +45 81 92 92 55