What could be more romantic – not to mention utterly enchanting – than getting married in a castle? Not much I’m sure! Daniel & Joanne had an intimate celebration at Castello di Praia which exuded love in every detail.  It was perfectly suited to the old castle and it’s setting in beautiful nature. Daniel & Joanne live in New Zeland, so it was long way to get to Italy. Finally they found what they wanted – beautiful and quiet place in front of the Dino island.  I was so satisfied by the ceremony on the top of the castle and excited with first meeting – it was realy emotional and beautiful.  Last rays of the sun they met at Santuario Diocesano Madonna della Grotta, than walked along the coast. Joanne took off the shoes despite the cold December`s weather and smiled for Daniel so charming. That day brought them so much happiness! Few days later pontiff in Vatican blessed them for long and happy life. I’m so happy about them, they did the wedding they imagined.