Summer, a time when cities are filled with tourists, making it tempting to escape the noisy streets. So why not celebrate your wedding on Aero Island?
Mark and Barbara thought of everything down to the smallest detail. I also love it when everything goes according to plan; it makes it easier to work and prepare.
A beautiful ceremony, and their beloved dog Emma carried the rings.
Under the shade of trees in a lovely garden, it’s time to cut the wedding cake and take a break to gather strength and chat with loved ones. Because an incredible walk awaits us through the most spectacular places on the island.
Let’s go!


First, Alex is one heck of a photographer! We had a skype meeting to get to know each other and to go through the details of the wedding with him. During this meeting he was very friendly and professional and had some suggestions for the locations in Aero, but he also listened very carefully to our wishes and ideas so we were very happy to engage him.

During our big day he took great photos, from our preparations “getting ready” and of course from the ceremony and the activities thereafter - whilst being almost invisible to us and to the guests. He was all the time super friendly and it was a great pleasure to have him around on our wedding day and have him take all these beautiful pictures! He kindly directed us and our guests for group photos as well as our photos as newlyweds. When we received our photos, we were just amazed by the quality and originality. To sum it all up: just phantastic!
We highly recommend Alex for your special day!