In the heart of Copenhagen, beneath the towering columns of Vor Frue Kirke, Daniel and Mi took a step towards each other. In this surrounding of the walls of this grand church, the sense of time completely fades away. It’s the very place where the feelings of two individuals merge into one destiny.

As the newlyweds emerged, the vintage charm of an old red Buick awaited them, ready to transport them to the “Admiral” hotel venue.

The photo session in front of the famous Opera House captured the essence of their love – a love that resonated through the lens, creating eternal memories against the backdrop of a stunning architectural marvel.

The day took an unexpected turn as the evening set in with a powerful storm. However, the storm became a poetic backdrop for the wild dances that unfolded in the “Admiral” hotel. Laughter echoed through the halls, and the friendly atmosphere created a warmth that disregarded the storm raging outside.


Alex, we are overjoyed with the stunning wedding photos – they're absolutely lovely! Your talent in capturing the beauty of our special day is truly commendable. Thank you so much for your incredible work; the pictures are not just beautiful, they are a heartfelt reflection of our love and joy. We're immensely grateful for your dedication and skill. ♥️ We will definitely recommend you to our friends!